We build brands people trust.

Branding: it‘s about how people feel about your company and your products. From the tone of voice, the choice of materials, colours and typography, everything a customer sees, touches and interacts with, influences the way they feel about you and what you do.

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Branding & identity

Branding goes beyond the surface. It is about emotion and storytelling. Strong brands engage their audience, excite them and provoke them.

We can help you reach your audience and find your company‘s unique voice. We can help you to create a brand.

“Thanks again to your great team. You'll be hearing from us again soon.” Anthony Lukban, Packaging Supervisor
MEGA Brands Inc.

Packaging design

A company’s packaging - the impression it makes, and the experience a client has with it - is a crucial part of forming how clients, and potential clients, think about your company.

Packaging can play a key role in developing a successful brand presence. By reflecting the company’s personality and expressing its values, the experience a customer has with its packaging has the ability to create profound customer loyalty.

“Beautiful! Congratulations! You do great work and people recognize it.” Serge Assadourian, President
Sevasyl Foods Inc
1% For the planet

Giving back

We know the impact packaging can have on the world around us. That's why we choose to donate 1% of our gross sales to environmental initiatives through 1% for the Planet.

Looking for advice?

Getting started can be the hardest part.

What kind of package do you need? Who will make it? Should you print in China? It can be tough to sort out all the details at the beginning of a project. If you have a question, we might know an answer. And if we don‘t, we probably know someone who does. So don‘t be shy, ask us.

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Pro bono

Our way of saying thank you.

At the Small Monsters, we‘re happy to be able to give back to our community. That‘s why we offer discounts on certain projects. If your company or group works for an environmental or feminist cause (whether for-profit or non-) and you would like to discuss a project with us, contact us by clicking below. We'd love to hear from you.

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