How we can help you.

Companies like Apple have shown us how every piece can play a key role in developing a successful brand presence. By reflecting the company’s personality and expressing its values, the experience a customer has with its packaging has the ability to create profound customer loyalty.

How we work.

At the Small Monsters, our design team has over ten years of experience helping companies find and create that brand presence. That’s ten years of listening, of drawing, and making businesses stand out, look good, and get noticed. We would love a chance to do the same for you.

Our philosophy.

We look for good projects. Projects that have value, projects that are fun, projects that are hard. And we aim to create real value with our designs, with honest marketing and a careful look at the environmental sustainability of every choice we make, from suppliers to materials.

As the economist Umair Haque wrote, it's about outcomes, not incomes.

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