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In 2021, a team of scientists and doctors launched a radical new product: a meal replacement that would actually help people to get better.

Most meal replacements on the market are made from corn syrups, sugars, and artificial flavours. Things that help fill you, but don’t actually help you. Sperri is organic, vegan, and is designed to provide people with the nutrients they need to get well.

The Small Monsters developed the brand and packaging for the line. Focusing on the science and the ingredients, we positioned Sperri as the “brand that helps people get well and stay well”.

In contrast to the competition, which uses bright, bold colours, we used soft colours to show that the product is healthy. We highlighted the natural ingredients using illustrations of plants, choosing detailed botanical drawings to indicate the science behind the drinks.

The launch has been a huge success with product available in pharmacies and hospitals across Canada.

Although the brand is young, sales have been so strong that development has begun on new flavours and new lines.