brand positioning, branding, packaging design

Vegan Canteen

The Small Monsters was asked to create the brand and packaging for an exciting new product: vegan cheese.

Research showed that, while there was great demand for a cheese substitute, many people were unsatisfied with the taste and texture of the products they had tried.

Recognizing that cheese is a comfort food with many strong associations to childhood, we positioned the product as one that allowed you to have guilty pleasures without guilty feelings. A product that let you feel good about what you ate, but still enjoy the meals you loved as a child.

With the pandemic in full swing, we designed the packaging with bright colours, large illustrations and an uncluttered layout, so that it would be as effective online as on a shelf.

Launched in Autumn 2020, the company quickly sold out of its initial limited production run. After just three months in business, the brand garnered so much love and attention from vegans that it was purchased by a large investor.