brand positioning, branding, packaging design


the Small Monsters created the branding and packaging for Yumee, a Montreal-based food delivery service. From 6pm to 3am, Yumee serves delicious treats and sweets to hungry night owls.

Despite rapid initial growth and strong demand, customer feedback showed that the packaging and branding wasn’t resonating with their customers.

The challenge was to create a brand that would be more memorable and engaging in order to fend off competitors that were already starting to eat into their market share.

We wanted to make the delivery a more personal experience, one that people would have fun with, and remember. We also wanted to reduce the number of different styles and sizes of packaging required, giving our client a more streamlined and easier-to-manage inventory.

The result is a bold and instantly recognizable brand that speaks to its market without speaking down to them. “The approach they used showed our customers our personality” said co-founder Yumee Ramzi Malas. “Now our customers tell us we really stand out.”